The Team

The Team


IMG_0603 Alex Gonzales - Alex began his racing career in 2006, since a very young age Alex has always been into several types of action sports from Motocross, Sand Drags, BMX racing, recreational off-roading and driving his father’s powerboat. His passion to WIN and the LOVE for speed, the off-road world was a perfect fit. At age 20 Alex jumped into a league of professionals racing his porter built class 1, holding his own and pulling off two overall career wins and  4 top ten finishes in his rookie year, as well as finishing the world famous BAJA 500, with his natural talent to drive podium finishes will be in his near future. He has attended several Driving schools and has 1,000s of miles behind the wheel. Alex Lives in the Coachella valley with his wife Cheryl, and two Boys Xander and Xavier, When not racing Alex’s serves an important role as Vice president to his families Development Company.


IMG_0606David Jameson - David started racing with GHA in 2006, longtime friend of Alex and the Gonzales family , David has been wrenching around custom and performance based vehicles his entire life, as a young man he raced legend cars in Nevada and was sponsored by multiple renown companies,  with his incredible knowledge and passion for the sport he is a HUGE asset to the team in and out of the car. David Maintains paint and bodywork on the race vehicle, coordinates pits, works on the race car along with many other important roles. David started off-road racing in 2001 where he served as a Co-driver for a highly respectable jeep speed team and later raced with his cousin in a 1Ž2 1600 car. Knowing how to read the terrain in a limited class and utilize the GPS, stepping into the class 1 was natural for him. David Also lives in the Coachella Valley with his wife Heather and daughter Blake. David is head painter at California’s largest golf cart manufacturer.




Parker 425 – 3rd
Mint 400 – 8th
Silverstate 300 – 1st
Vegas 2 Reno – 8th
Parker Blue Water Desert Challenge – October
Henderson – December
BWDC – Day 1: 16th, Day 2: 2nd
Henderson – 2nd

2nd in points championship for 2015

Fastest avg mph per race mile through the 2015 season in 6100 class.

Parker 425 – 1st
Mint 400 – 2nd
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