2016 Parker 425

2016 Parker 425

2016 Parker 425

GHA Racing 2016 Season Opener
Best in the Desert Parker 425

Following our stellar 2015 season, the truck came completely apart for a full prep. Many major components were stress relieved and heat treated. Many components, large and small were repaired or replaced, including a new engine from #lakechevrolet , a new third member from #tubeworks and brakes from #jamarbrakes. During the off season we also obtained all new #ultrawheels . For Christmas, myself and the rest of the crew decided we needed to get Alex a new chrome bumper.

This prep was excruciating and exhausting. Fortunately we have a great crew and the guys….Garrett, Jeff, Dave, Mike…and Alex…yes Alex…although he is the team owner and runs a large corporation, he’s never afraid to get his hands dirty and work on the race truck. Our partners at #Camburgracing …these guys are top notch; Jerry, Jason, Russell, Scott, Carlos, Jonathan, Dave, and all the rest. These guys are behind us all the way and always give us outstanding product support.

Finally, after too many hours, testing went well and we were ready to race. But not before #littleshopofcustoms showed up with an amazing shiny new body with a new color scheme which turned out nothing short of amazing.

Contingency and tech went smooth. We needed some assistance with the radio in the truck and #ruggedradios was there to help with this.

We finished 2nd in the championship last year and this afforded us a 2nd place start at the Parker race. Alex, Dave and myself discussed race strategy at length leading up to the race. The truck was ready and so were the guys.

The race began and tracking showed the #6196 truck bearing down on the leader early on. This was confirmed with a visual by our crew at pit #2 along the course.

Lap one was uneventful….aside from a little motion sickness, the guys just kept it clean and stuck to the plan. They passed the leader, 6119 at their pit. They came in for fuel and a visual. Everything looked good. As the truck was taking her last drink of fuel, the 6119 truck was coming down pit road. We let the truck go and beat the 6119 out of the pit by a mere second or two. This put us first on the road beginning of lap 2. The Camburg 6175 truck pitted right after us.

Sometime during lap 2 6119 had stopped and fell back. The 6175 truck stepped up the pace and at about midway of lap 2 we only had 30 seconds on them. Alex and Dave again ran a clean lap and showed up at main pit. They took 2 new rear tires and 50 gallons of fuel. We were in a big hurry at this pit not knowing how far back the 6175 truck was. The guys left the pit with all of the #kclites working well and lighting the night. They headed off and waited for us to give them the time split. I advised them that 2nd was 8 minutes back and 3rd about 15 minutes and that they could just settle in. However, they did not. Alex said they thought the 2nd place truck was only 30 seconds back all of the 3rd lap. Early in the third lap the 2nd place truck blew an engine so the guys were then advised they had a solid 15 minute lead…..which I thought they acknowledged….but they continued to push hard regardless.

We finished the race first in 6100 and 11th overall. Only 8 of the 49 unlimited trick trucks beat us and 2 class one cars. Very satisfied with our performance at Parker.

I’m sure Alex and Dave felt as much pressure as I did coming into this race as it was our first race of the season. There are many new trucks in the class and many new drivers. In the end, we stuck to our plan. The guys drove their asses off, we had some luck and of course our guys and gals in the pits were all on point.

Taking her apart tonight for a post race assessment.

Next stop, Mint 400!

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