2015 Bluewater Race Recap

2015 Bluewater Race Recap

2015 Bluewater Race Recap

GHA Racing came to this race ready for battle and ready to win. Bluewater is a 2-day event, we were to race 76 miles per day consisting of 3 laps. On the first day, Alex and Dave took it easy at first, they then settled in and made their move into the first place position at around race mile 18. They came past main pit after the first lap looking great with a solid lead, putting a 20+ minute gap between some of the trucks (keep in mind it was only a 26 mile lap). Shortly after completion of their first lap they were experiencing troubles with the steering. They brought it into the pit and we discovered a ruptured power steering hose. Of course it wasn’t all that easy to get to, but we removed it, made a new hose and got the guys back on course after around 28 minutes of downtime. Second and third laps were uneventful , although clearly the guys found their rhythm on the third lap putting down the second fastest lap time of the day, off the fastest lap by 2 seconds. Our first day resulted in a 16th place finish out of around 20 competitors. Let’s not forget there was a problem with the intercom also, so Dave had to navigate for Alex using hand signals!

After day 1 and into the morning of day 2 the team had a little work cut out for them, making a few minor repairs and fixing the steering hoses of course. Alex and Dave did a great job of finishing day 1 and keeping the truck clean, so there wasn’t too much to do. Looking at our fuel consumption from day 1, we were able to make some adjustments on our fuel load as well.

Day 2 began with 6196 in the 8th row (16th position) during the start. This race is a side by side start with 30 second spacing between rows, so this put them 3:30 behind the lead trucks. As we anxiously awaited at the end of lap one, it was great to see Alex had been doing some work and had pushed his way up to 9th. Clearly the truck was working well and the guys were driving their asses off. As lap 2 unfolded, they came through 7th on the road. We packed up and told the boys to get it done and we’ll see them at the finish.

As we waited at the finish line, 6196 came through 3rd!!! Right on the bumper of 2nd place! Due to the 2nd place finisher starting before us, we had them beat on corrected time! Understand, that within 76 miles, our shortest race of the year, Alex and Dave drove their asses off from 16th to 2nd!!! Incredible driving! Especially when considering this is a spec class and everyone has same engine, equal power and tire size! They ended up 7th overall on day 2, when combining with the unlimited trophy trucks, which have a 2-2.5X horsepower advantage!

Considering our less than stellar finish on day 1, I believe we were 6th in class for the weekend. We’re still in the hunt for the championship….one last race in December…This thing is coming down to the wire for sure!!! Who would have thought we’d be here when we debuted the truck in February at Parker!

The truck looked great after 2 days of racing….we’ve got a little work to do to get her ready. But if I know Alex……look out at the Henderson race….This guy is gonna bring it!

Thanks to all the crew guys, families and friends that made it a really great race weekend!

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